Lake Retba Senagal

Five Incredible Places You Never Knew Existed

The world we live in is brimming with hidden gems, some still not known enough but definitely worth visiting. So if you don’t know yet where to go on your next vacation then have a think at the following destinations that will certainly leave you speechless.

Huge Tree Roots in Costa Rica

Have you ever seen big tall trees with giant roots showing themselves above the ground? Most probably not! Well if you’re ever to be in Costa Rica’s rainforest, it is a view worth seeing. These are the giant buttress roots that grow above the ground and get the organic nutrients from the decaying leaves covering the surface.

“The Stairways To Heaven” in Oahu, Hawaii

Imagine looking at the surrounding world from the top. Doesn’t the idea already give you goosebumps?! If you think such a place doesn’t exist in real world, you’re so very wrong! In Odahu, Hawaii, there is a cliff, and there’s a trail with a wooden ladder stretching over it. Climbing those stairs is not something everybody would do though. Those few brave ones that man up and climb these stairs are blessed with ecstatic views over the entire island.

Socotra Island, Yemen

Socotra Island in Yemen is one of the most beautiful sights in Africa that is declared a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO. On it you can find over 800 rare species of fauna and flora, some of them growing only on this island given the dry and hot weather conditions. One of the most famous trees in the world grows in Yemen, and it is known as the “blown-out umbrella shaped dragon blood’s tree”. It is also depicted on the national 20-rial coin which you can see if you ever happen to travel to Yemen.

Lake Retba Senagal

Lake Retba, Senegal

Lake Retba, located in close proximity to Senegal’s capital Dakar, is another jewel of nature you will not see anywhere else. There are thousands of pictures of it in the online space but few people actually manage to travel to Senegal in order to see the beauty of it with their own eyes. The lake has an unusual pink hue especially intensified during November – June season when the weather is at its driest causing massive interest from both locals and tourists. The pink hue comes from a certain type of bacteria that lives in the highly salty waters of the lake.

Huacachina, Peru

An oasis in the heart of the Peruvian desert – this is what Huacachina stands for. The oasis resort was built in the Ica Region around a natural lake surrounded by dunes. It is just about 4 hours south to Lima, and the destination attracts more and more people that want to try sandboarding. There are also different sandboarding tour packages you can choose when traveling with family or friends.

A lifetime might not be enough to see the most breathtaking, off the beaten path destinations in the world. So instead of losing time, go ahead and plan your next trip to one of the above mentioned 5 incredible places on earth you never knew existed.